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AI Is a Team Effort

As more companies embrace AI, leveraging it to transform business, a clearer picture of what is necessary for artificial intelligence to succeed in the real world is taking shape. When it comes to developing a good AI team, people with a broad set of skills are needed to translate concepts into business terms. Unlike in the past, success in AI is no longer all about data scientists. Instead, it is a team effort. An AI team requires a definition of skills for the project you need and getting people that have that exact match. Here are some professionals that should make up your AI team and their roles.


AI is Real in Retail

Online shopping is fast replacing brick-and-mortar stores. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be highly beneficial. This technology comes when customers are getting increasingly aware of what they need and are constantly seeking personalized products and services. With AI, retailers can align their offerings with customer expectations. The effects of AI are visible across the value chain and are proving to be one of the leading forces for retail brands as they try to surmount the competition. If you are a retailer who has not taken advantage of AI, here are some ways this technology is disrupting the retail sector that you might want to know.


Leverage AI to Boost Holiday Results

The holidays are here, and it is about time retailers start thinking about leaving a memorable experience for their customers. With the changes that we have experienced due to the pandemic, holiday shopping will be digital than ever before. Companies must therefore adapt to these changes quickly or risk being passed by the good things presented by the technology at hand. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the technologies that can boost your holiday results as a retailer. Here are some ways that AI can help you boost your shopping experience as the holiday season draws closer.


AI is Changing Manufacturing

As the business environment becomes increasingly competitive and customers turn more assertive and demanding, manufacturers must optimize everything in their processes. These include the supply chain, materials sourcing, engineering, order fulfillment, design, and order management. Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven to be the best approach for value creation in manufacturing through automation and streamlining the entire manufacturing ecosystem. It has become so instrumental that factories rely on machines more, eliminating the need for human personnel in some places. This is excellent progress, although a lot is expected to come as this technology develops. Here is are other ways in which AI is changing manufacturing.


AI is Making a Difference in the Intelligence of Your City

Cities are becoming densely populated, and managing them is now complicated than ever. Governments are looking for methods and technologies to ease the running of operations and enhance effectiveness. Every year, people move to cities, and new businesses open. This has made urban areas congested and risky. With people, buildings, and businesses close to one another, it isn't easy to achieve this without innovation. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in. AI is essential in improving cities and can help local governments improve the management of cities.


Recruiting Has Changed Because of AI  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here, and it is here to stay. It is transforming every aspect of human life and business operations. Human resource and recruiting is an area that has not adopted technology like other industries in the past. However, its adoption in this area has characterized the readiness of this industry to change by taking advantage of technology. AI recruiting has increased and has subsequently enhanced the hiring processes of organizations that take advantage of it. Although this technology was not welcomed initially because experts believed that it would render HR personnel jobless, it has gradually proven that it will do more than just taking over jobs. Here are some ways in which recruiting has changed because of AI.


AI Is Making Cities Smarter

Cities worldwide are growing and the rising population is forcing them to reconfigure themselves for the purpose of sustainability in the future and enhancing the quality of life for every dweller.  This growth in population means taking advantage of renewable sources of energy, enhancing efficiency, and scaling up the use of electric transport modes. With the arrival of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), we are seeing new tools for ensuring efficiency in using resources around our cities. The growth of computing power in recent years, the availability of data, and the rise of effective algorithms have made AI one of the most valuable technologies in the 21st century in managing various aspects within cities.


Don't Get Caught in These AI Issues

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an important technology for many businesses in 2021, amid the problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the economic downturn, more than 60% of the high-performing companies invested more in AI, signaling the dependence of AI in many organizations in the future. As companies fight to recover from the COVID-19, many are turning to AI as they look to strengthen their place in digital transformation. This technology can help businesses and the economy recover faster than anticipated but also come with a variety of risks. Here are some issues that you need to know about AI in 2021.


AI and Long Term Health after COVID

It is now over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, creating unimaginable disruption for the health and the economy. The pandemic has left many people jobless and many others dead as it ravaged industries and caused severe illnesses. For businesses that remain open, losses that have been incurred are like no other ever witnessed in history. Luckily, technology has played a critical role in slowing down the impact of the pandemic and seeking cures and vaccines for the virus.


Employ Machine Learning in Your Marketing Efforts

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance in so many ways, and so is its ability to improve operations in different industries. Marketing is one of the areas that has benefited immensely from the advancement of AI. This technology improves various aspects of digital marketing, including strategizing and providing valuable insights needed by organizations to make critical decisions. With the realization that marketing strategies have become diverse than ever, companies are capitalizing on SEO, visual marketing, and now Artificial Intelligence.  Here are ways in which you can employ machine learning and artificial intelligence in your marketing efforts.


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